• Half Term Project!

    21st February 2019 by L1ZZI3

    I have really enjoyed working with Safeline during half term, I loved learning new skills and watching how to do nail art and manicures. Talking about internet safety, relationships and bullying was very helpful and I think it will be good to know for the future. I have made new friends and definitely want to…

  • Employability Project and Getting My Nails Done!!!!

    21st February 2019 by xo.SLC.xo

    I enjoyed learning about manicures from Kelly as I found it relaxing and fun. I was so excited to be given the chance to get my nails done!!! It was great to learn about different issues and how to get help getting into a career and have fun at the same time!

  • Back to School

    5th November 2018 by BlueeIcee9

    For most of us we’ve just finished our first full week back at school – whether that’s first year at secondary school, sixth form, college or anything inbetween. I hope some of you were as nervous as me! I’ve just started at a new sixth form, with 250 other students to get to know and…

  • hair and beauty

    23rd August 2018 by hair_14

    i loved this course and it helped me so much from talking to new people to learning new makeup skills. i always struggle talking to new people but after this course i think i could be less anxious doing so. It was so fun and i would 1000% do it again or any other course…

  • Warwick Folk Festival

    2nd August 2018 by BlueeIcee9

    What a fab day on Saturday! Loved all the stalls and musical acts, especially a performance by three girls who had been on a Safeline music course. Such a good atmosphere and really enjoyed chatting to the public and handing out SLYP leaflets. Can’t wait for next year.

  • A Smile a Day

    2nd August 2018 by BlueeIcee9

    Firstly, I’m not a mental health expert at all. I just want to share a little something that’s helped me through some everyday lows and a few tough times. So it sounds silly, and almost too simple – but everyone knows the phrase “grin and bear it” and it’s genuinely such good advice. I did…

  • Look after your friends at Parties!

    23rd July 2018 by Jamie_7502

    Everyone goes to them, the remarkable and infamous house party that everyone praises and waits eagerly to attend in flashy outfits and dresses to impress. However you as a good person should look out for your friends, if you see your innocent friend wearing a piece of clothing that appears demeaning or inappropriate then you,…

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  • Stratford Upon Avon Lions Young Ambassador competition

    20th July 2018 by Safeline

    A fantastic performance by Cora our Safeline Student Lead at the Stratford Upon Avon Lions Young Ambassador competition. It was a wonderful evening on Thursday 5th July with several young people giving passionate pitches for their chosen community work. Well done to Cora who progresses to the regional event in Birmingham during November.

  • Work Experience

    28th June 2018 by Ice valley1

    Very interesting and inspiring to see how much hard work goes into running Safeline! Thank you for having me!

  • Safeline Music Project 2018

    7th June 2018 by Safeline

    Another fantastic music project recording the Safeline Album during May half-term. A massive thank you to all the young people involved and 14 Records in Leamington for allowing us to use their recording studio. The album will be ready for release soon it’s really exciting and the combination of 3 years work !