• Script writing course

    19th February 2021 by Cclove123

    Going to the script writing course was so fun and interesting. It has really helped me develop my confidence in reading out. Writing the monologues really helped get my feelings down on paper and come to the realisation other people are going through that stuff aswell. I think this course has just been really helpful…

  • My story

    20th January 2021 by cookiemonster24

    Hi guys, I used Safeline when I was a bit younger, I am 19 now and I wanted to finally to come on here for reasons that I cant exactly explain. I went through some of the hardest times and still now coming to terms with them, it has been tricky but if it wasnt…

  • Food program

    4th November 2020 by Lil_267

    I would like to start of by saying how much fun the past week has been. This food program has been very fun as I could express my felling and emotions into my artistic skills. I had so much fun decorating the cake and all the other activities hope we could make more like this…

  • Thank You Safeline!!

    6th August 2020 by kh1_b

    It is never easy to speak out but Safeline provide the best support and brilliant services to help you during your journey to a happier place. I suffered from sexual abuse for years and always felt alone and confused, abusers often make it difficult to differentiate between what is normal and what is abusive behaviour….

  • My saving grace

    6th August 2020 by Ilovefood

    Well I joined Safeline over a year ago now after going through a really tough time. I was really quiet when I first started with this amazing charity and struggled to even let my mum leave me but what a difference they have made, I’m now becoming more confident and positive after working with many…

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  • Safeline is OUTSTANDING ❤❤❤

    31st May 2020 by Chloe

    I have been with safeline for about 1 year now and it has been the best experience being with them but for them helping me,and me taking the advice I was given to help and support others around me, the safeline projects are the best parts of it all we have done a drama production…

  • 31st May 2020 by Lil_267

    Hi it’s lily here I would just like to put out how good and easy  the online Safeline is Recently it is very easy to access and is very  beneficial

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  • Keeping Occupied During Lockdown!

    27th April 2020 by Safeline

    Lockdown feels like it has brought the world to a stop, for some it has been really challenging in many different ways. We all have our up and down days, days that perhaps seem easier than others and you find yourself keeping occupied and busy, and days when you feel struck with boredom and not…

  • Confidence make over

    25th February 2020 by Cake3456

    I only started safeline a couple months back in 2019 and it has changed my life for the better before going there, I was just a shy naive little girl who knew nothing about making friends or  anything. Collin, Becca and Emma have all really helped me by teaching me about keeping safe and have…

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    23rd January 2020 by Chxxe_17

    I think of myself as a turtle, when I am scared  I hide in my shell but when I am comfortable and confident in myself I come out of my shell, I am always out of my shell with safeline, I can be myself ,I am confident and my confidence has grown so much ***