• Safeline is OUTSTANDING ❤❤❤

    14th October 2019 by Chloe

    I have been  with Safeline for about 1 year now and I love every minute of it. We do fun and exciting projects such as music, drama and others. They also sometimes do career courses for the older to give them an insight of being in college  or at work.we have so much fun and…

  • Jesy Nelson from Little Mix- effects of Online Trolling

    10th September 2019 by Safeline

    This week Jesy Nelson from Little Mix has bravely opened up about her battles with online trolling, negative comments and online abuse. When Jesy was chosen to be a member of the now huge girl band Little Mix she was greeted with some extremely nasty comments, one man even said ‘You are the ugliest thing…

  • New Beginnings

    6th September 2019 by Safeline

    As the new term starts many of you are going into a new year, new school, starting secondary school, college, GCSE’s or maybe you’ve even moved to a new location? This change can always bring mixed emotions. How do you feel with the change? nervous? excited? worried? anxious? happy? scared? Change can also be a…

  • 25th anniversary

    2nd September 2019 by Bestplaceever

    I’m so happy to be celebrating the 25th anniversary of safeline by doing a play. Safeline has changed me so much and I’m really thankful I would love to join in, in more projects in the future. The people here are so kind and will always listen to you I wish everyone could get the…

  • Safeline-Wizard of OZ

    3rd June 2019 by River

    River C I’m in the safeline project and it is a really fun experience. I’ve met so many new friends and they all have amazing talents. We each have a part and they are all amazing. If I could do this again I would!! All the staff are kind, friendly and talented!! The people I’ve…

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  • The performance

    3rd June 2019 by Bestplaceever

    Hi safeline, it’s lily and this program has really help me boost my self esteem and my confidence. I feel like I can trust everyone around me at safeline and that it is a really safe environment I also feel like I can be my self. Over all I think this is an amazing program.

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  • wizard of….SAFELINE!!!

    30th May 2019 by hxlly

    hi, i’m holly and i really enjoyed the most latest Safeline group project because it was…drama [the wizard of oz]. To start off, i just wanted to say that everybody there is so welcoming and accepting of you and your package even when there is a relatively big age difference . Becca , Collin and…

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  • Half Term Project!

    21st February 2019 by L1ZZI3

    I have really enjoyed working with Safeline during half term, I loved learning new skills and watching how to do nail art and manicures. Talking about internet safety, relationships and bullying was very helpful and I think it will be good to know for the future. I have made new friends and definitely want to…

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  • Employability Project and Getting My Nails Done!!!!

    21st February 2019 by xo.SLC.xo

    I enjoyed learning about manicures from Kelly as I found it relaxing and fun. I was so excited to be given the chance to get my nails done!!! It was great to learn about different issues and how to get help getting into a career and have fun at the same time!

  • Back to School

    5th November 2018 by BlueeIcee9

    For most of us we’ve just finished our first full week back at school – whether that’s first year at secondary school, sixth form, college or anything inbetween. I hope some of you were as nervous as me! I’ve just started at a new sixth form, with 250 other students to get to know and…