Thank You Safeline!!

It is never easy to speak out but Safeline provide the best support and brilliant services to help you during your journey to a happier place. I suffered from sexual abuse for years and always felt alone and confused, abusers often make it difficult to differentiate between what is normal and what is abusive behaviour. Safeline works hard to educate young people to prevent any further confusion that could lead to abuse. I joined safeline just over a year ago now and i am so grateful to say they have helped me work towards a better me. They increased my self esteem and helped me learn more about myself and how i deal with things. Safeline support in more ways than one to ensure that the young people get the best out of their journey to recovery. I have taken part in many projects in just a year, such as the drama project. It was a real pleasure to be part of Safelines 25th anniversary performance as well. I have also taken part in a peer mentoring course and a careers course, both in which i received as ASDAN certificate for taking part. Safeline also provided me with counseling and in a short time i learned more about myself than i had for years. I want to thank safeline as they didn’t just look at me as a victim, but more of a survivor and an individual. I am so lucky to now be a safeline ambassador and i look forward to supporting safeline all i can in order to give back to them for all their help and guidance. Thank you Safeline!

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