My saving grace

Well I joined Safeline over a year ago now after going through a really tough time. I was really quiet when I first started with this amazing charity and struggled to even let my mum leave me but what a difference they have made, I’m now becoming more confident and positive after working with many of the Safeline team and it’s something I didn’t think would happen 😁. Since being with Safeline I’ve received so much support with a one to one councillor , a home support worker and then joining various Safeline groups these have been so much fun and also learning a lot along the way ,such as how to keep safe and how to be more positive but also I have gained various certificates for hairdressing, peer mentoring which is close to completion and more recently did a course to become a Safeline ambassador which makes me really proud and if I can help young people the way Safeline have helped me then I know I’ll be doing some good. I also recently held a home baking fundraiser to give something back to Safeline and was amazed with the support I received raising a staggering £1422 and to be able to give something back to Safeline for being so great was a privilege 💕


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