Keeping Occupied During Lockdown!

Lockdown feels like it has brought the world to a stop, for some it has been really challenging in many different ways. We all have our up and down days, days that perhaps seem easier than others and you find yourself keeping occupied and busy, and days when you feel struck with boredom and not sure what to do with yourself! It is okay to have days this like this and days when you may feel like doing absolutely nothing at all apart from lounging in front of the TV and snacking on chocolate!

Some people have used lockdown to take on new hobbies at home such as baking, cooking, knitting, drawing, exercising, yoga and lots of other creative activities. It would be brilliant if you could write a comment below and share what you have been up to during lockdown, any ideas/tips for those that may be struggling to find things to do! As well as that some people may be feeling low, anxious or lonely- perhaps you could comment below on what you have been doing to help with your mental health and anxiety; this may be something simple such as colouring, drawing or downloading apps to help.

Please add comments/suggestions and share what you have been up too and how you have been coping with lockdown- It would be great for us to hear and also great to share your thoughts and ideas with others! Let’s support each other and stick together through this uncertain time!