So it turns out, i found my true hero. He was in previous place of one of my best friends but i realised after maybe the 10th time he brought me out of my closed persona. This boy is my true hero, he’s kind and caring and understands when i need a touch of extra happiness.

After everything was over, when i got over everything, i noticed how i actually really like him. lets call him ‘Jase’  (not his real name) this guy may be flawed, he may not be the prince of every story book but hey he’s perfect for me. He loves me and i think i may love him back, i say i think but i don’t believe I’ve ever truly been in love where its real so its not confirmed. Butttttttt if being in love gives you butterflies, makes you miss them even if you’ve only just parted, their touch no matter how innocent sends sparks running throughout your entire body. Then yes its love, real love.

until next time

-Lostgirl 2.0

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