when you fall out with your friends what do u do ?

ok so this week I have had many different thoughts running through my head to do with friends

my best friend has had many different traumatic things happen to her this year considering her family so when I tried to help her I was as sympathetic and as kind as I could be because although she had had a bad time  I still wanted her to have fun and to try and take her mind of every thing

however she did not like the fact that I had another friend because she did not like her

so what I did was I tried to get them in together and focuss on things that they where both interested in  so that  I could try and make her so that she was nice but somtimes depending on the friends situation it doesn’t always work if it doesn’t work then sometimes you just have to let your friendship  end but no mater how long it takes to rebuild friendships there are always other people

if you have a friend who you think needs cheering up or a bit of encouragement then all you have to do is be the best friend that you can be but also give them a litte bit of space if you think they need it but NEVER abandon them for someone else that was a mistake I once made but I have now learnt from it and learnt a valuble life lesson

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