New Beginnings

As the new term starts many of you are going into a new year, new school, starting secondary school, college, GCSE’s or maybe you’ve even moved to a new location? This change can always bring mixed emotions. How do you feel with the change? nervous? excited? worried? anxious? happy? scared? Change can also be a good thing and bring new beginnings but can also be scary. There are plenty of ways to look after yourself during a big change, either by talking to someone about how you feel, talking to a friend about how the change is making you feel- they may even feel the same, writing down your feelings, taking time out to think of 3 things you felt grateful for in the day and what positive things the change has brought. How are you feeling about new beginnings? what can you do to help yourself during this time? Write your thoughts/ideas below about how you feel about any changes or new beginnings you are going through.