The questioning conscious 🤔

That voice which controls  you ? 

we all have that voice that tells us what to do  but to  know when to listen to it is different ? 

So here is an example you are talking to your parents /or carer and your mum or dad says something you disagree  with or don’t want to do   ( me and my parent always disagree with tidying my room or others might say something like what you can an do cant do or who your friends are ) and you know that you don’t really want to do that so some of us would just not do it .

so then you get in to an argument with them  and start  to get annoyed you get angry and then there is commotion and everyone is worked up about one little question .

all of this could be solved if your conscience didn’t tell you what to do it doesn’t have to control you it can  be there  but not cause you to fall down a rabbit hole and be stuck in a situation that you don’t know how to fix  .

Well I can help you get of it In a few steps

1) One talk to your parents and try and   come to an agreement  on when to tidy your room or what ever the disagreement may have been or is about

2)  go to your room and cool  Down and do something you enjoy to clear your head and when you are ready  to  talk to them or to do what they ask talk to them sensibly.

Ok my tip is to not necessarily agree with them but to respect there point or what they ask you to do you don’t have to like there reason or what they ask you but you should at least  pretend  to be interested.


So that’s my  blog wether that is helpful to you In anyway is up to you to decide but if u want to share what u would do go ahead and write   A reply  to my blog  and tell me and others what you would do or even write your own blog it dose to have to be helpful you could just write about  your day  so yeh








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