The Music Video Easter Holiday Project – Who You Are

We’ve come to the end of another awesome holiday project. This one was a follow up to the Music Project which we held earlier this year in February. Six super talented young people worked hard over five days to produce a song called “Who You Are”; a song that touches on just some of the issues affecting young people at the moment, including self-esteem, bullying, sexting and relationships. We’re really proud of this song and can’t wait to get it professionally recorded in the studio.

For any awesome song you need a suitably awesome music video right? That was the aim of this recent project during which we worked with six young people, some of which had been involved in the previous project writing the song, to shoot a music video for “Who You Are”. The Star Project’s Jo Edwards and Sophie-Jo worked with these young people, over just three days, to  create this video which follows the stories of two girls and their struggles with bullying and confidence. It was hard work but we managed to get it done and can’t wait to see the finished edit! Woohoo.

In the meantime, we thought we’d tease you with a preview of the song which you can listen to on SoundCloud. This is a first recording which involved six young girls crowded around one microphone so as you can imagine the sound quality isn’t the best but it still sounds great!

Who You Are – Preview

How can I get involved in projects like these?

We run holiday projects throughout the year and have two coming up in August this year. One will be a Sports Project and the other a Promenade Theatre Project. If you’d like to be considered for either or both these projects please contact the Safeline Young People’s Team.

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