Halloween is quickly approaching and I’m already planning my costume. I may be a teenager but I still want sweets just like anyone else. Trick or treat? Treat please as the only trick you’ll be getting is science facts. What is the Mitochondria? Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. October is the amazing month that holds Halloween but this year it’s not just that. This year, quite a few events are occurring that will go towards the great Skydive myself and other members of the Warwickshire Youth Parliament are planning.

Kenilworth School are kindly holding a non-school uniform day this Friday, which will raise a lot of money for our fundraising. We have some events being planned at Campion school in the coming weeks. Along with those, we have been collecting ideas from all over the place and had a few people coming up to us wanting to join in!!

Not only do we have those events happening but we also have created a new Facebook page for our campaign, which we still need a name for!! So if any of you have any fundraising event ideas or names for our campaign just create a blog post with them included and use the hashtag #slypskydive.

Go check out the Facebook page if you want 🙂

Or check out our online fundraising pages 🙂

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