Same mistake twice…

Hey there guys its silly and tbh I’m not really digging this whole blog ide cuz uno its not my style like literacy and writing has never really been my strongest thing and I find it really hard to actually physically type on a computer but as I’m trying to help people I guess this time I aint backing out of my blog as I’m serious about this and I guess its acc quite exciting thinking that sum1 might read this and makes them happy…

Anyway so your probs wondering what this blog is about as all ive really done is a bit of a cr** intro moaning about my weakest points when this is about u guys and anyone whose interested in reading my poorly… ok my average blog. So I have been going to the course with SLYP and its been a great learning kurb and experience for me to try and turn my lifr around. The beauty of this blog is the fact I can tell everyone about my personal experiences without worrying anyone will find out who I am.

So as I was saying I’ve being on this course with SLYP and I can honestly say that it’s changed me and made me into a good person. We have been doing drama which I love and acc doing some thing relavent that’s going ton help. So to tell u the truth I’m not the best cookie in the jar bit I ain’t the worst either I wanted to say that the performance we performed today for our fam mates and ppl was really emotional for some and yes jess I’m talking about you but it sent a powerful message about the same mistakes.

A quick story line is that a girl was raped and drugged so her family moved her to somone else but the same thing almost happend again but she manages to save herself and others but only just. I guess i realised that you think ur safe but u aint and stuff goes that bad happens to people around us and so close to us everyday its scary…

I dont really have anything else to say other than that stay safe and stick around got confessions that u can relate to as this is more of a intro blog.


Love silly xoxo

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