Peer mentoring

Peer mentoring course this week was fab, learnt a lot about myself and the other people around me.

Ive wanted to help people for a long time now and to have the qualification now to actually put that to good use is an amazing opportunity that i cannot thank safe line enough for providing this.

Living away from home is hard and peer mentoring is something a lot of the people im living with look for in day to day life and now i can be that person. Staff members are not usually the people that youths want to talk to as there are not many that you can trust and so having somebody at my place who is available to support them whilst going through similar experiences to them means that they understand what they are going through.

I have grown so much as a person during this two day course and realized a great deal about what im really like as a person and being able to more or less put what i have learnt from this course into action from the day that i started the course and notice a difference in the way that i can help people was just the best feeling i could have had!

As is said i want to thank safeline for this oppertunity and i seriously advise people to do the same as i did as its an amazing way to also learn how to sort out your own problems as well as helping other people sort theirs

geralt / Pixabay

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