Look after your friends at Parties!

Everyone goes to them, the remarkable and infamous house party that everyone praises and waits eagerly to attend in flashy outfits and dresses to impress. However you as a good person should look out for your friends, if you see your innocent friend wearing a piece of clothing that appears demeaning or inappropriate then you, yes you reading this currently, should take action and don’t let your friend becoming a laughing stock or a victim to glaring eyes. That’s one way you can help your  friends. Another is to care for them if they seem to be drinking too heavily. Everyone has drinks at parties it’s the most frequent occurrence that will never not take place at parties. So you don’t have to be the Mother or Father of the group but you can care and keep a cautious eye out so that your friends don’t get mistreated due to thier alcohol intake. So remember this key slogan => Caution- Be cautious of what your friends are wearing and what impression  that will give off. Care-  Look out and care for your friends if they decide to drink alcohol heavily. Finally Create- Create better experiences and memories by partaking in the previous actions.

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