How I got things together

So a couple of years ago I used to hate my parents and my family I was rebellious against them. I would always runaway or get in trouble with the police I had depression and anxiety at the time. I would self harm and feel ****, blame my parents for everything but then my mate helped me with this and he told me about four months ago what happened to his mate which was an argument and someone lost their life in an accident and they regretted everything they said he told me that might happen in my family. I thought bout it then realised the guilt and stress I would live with if of happened to my mum I wouldn’t forgive my self so I put my act together made some agreements wiv my mum and then I got better I tried to get a better relationship with my mum and it worked the family is getting better and I’m less depressed about things I’ve realised not to blame my parents for everything and I’ve stopped being rebellious against them there’s less pain inside me. I want to thank my mate so much for helping me and see how much of a dumbass I was. Safeline has also helped me realise that there r so many weirdos and pedos out there on the internet so I’m being careful with who I message x

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