What We Do

At Safeline we know that our services can make a difference and we have over 20 years’ experience of working with young people who have suffered abuse so that they can heal from their experiences.

Last year we worked with hundreds of students in schools, youth clubs and other settings on creative projects that would help them to gain new skills and build confidence as well as learning how to stay safe.  We train teachers, youth leaders and other professionals in child protection and safeguarding and enable them to understand and work with children and young people.

Helpline & Online Support

Our Helpline and Online Support offers free emotional support, information and signposting. Click here for more about our helpline.


Safeline has trained counsellors and therapists, offering a wide range of support for young people including Drama therapy and Art Therapy from aged 5 upwards.
Support includes counselling and group work for parents’ siblings and other family members.

One-to-One Support

We offer a number of specialist one-to-one support courses that deal with social media, anger management, relationships, sexual exploitation and self-harming.


Safeline run a range of Early Intervention project in and out of term time. We have seen our projects transform the lives of those young people who attend, whether that is through finding friends, developing their self-esteem and confidence, reconsidering risky behaviour or finally feeling comfortable and safe enough to speak openly to someone who understands. The projects are based on important topics which young people face today such as Bullying, Internet Safety, Child Sexual Exploitation, Healthy Relationships and more. Find out what some young people had to say about their experiences on our projects. If you are interested in any of the projects detailed below then please get in touch with the Safeline Young People’s team by emailing either Ramandeepd@safeline.org.uk or Emmad@safeline.org.uk Click on the tabs below to read more about our current projects.


The Safeline Schools Project

An exciting and informative 6-8 week programme designed to help young people develop in a positive way whilst ensuring that they are safe from harm.

The course enables young people to improve their communication skills, increase their self-esteem, develop team working and problem solving capabilities whilst dealing with issues that directly affect them such as bullying, internet safety, child sexual exploitation, positive and negative relationships, drugs and alcohol abuse and gang culture.

Activities include drama, dance, music, creative arts, boxing, health and fitness training, football and tennis. Students work towards an ASDAN accredited award and a formal presentation.

The Safeline Drama Project

An amazing experience for young people aged 11 – 18 years conducted over 5 days during school holidays.

Our talented Drama director Rebecca Ward creates a drama performance which our young people rehearse and perform to an audience at the end of the course. The performance is based on all the topics which are discussed during the duration of the course such as Bullying, Internet Safety, Healthy Relationships.


The Safeline Music Project

A unique opportunity for young people to work with highly experienced musicians and write their own song which is then recorded. The course takes place over 5 days in school holidays.

Dealing with issues that directly affect young people, the participants develop their own lyrics and together with songwriters from The Star Project, their ideas become reality and a new song is created.

The Safeline Information Technology Project

Working with our partners, ZenZero Solutions Limited of Warwick and Formation Media Warwick, this 3 day course enables students to learn about computer infrastructure, digital media and programming from the experts in their field.

The course is conducted in a safe, friendly environment, enabling young people to gain a real understanding of IT and future careers whilst achieving ASDAN accredited awards.

Students debate issues that directly affect them such as the influence of social media.

The Safeline Employability Programme

In collaboration with local companies from a variety of different industries, the 10-week Safeline Employability Programme is designed to prepare young people for the work place. The course aims to help a group of students discover their next steps after school leading them to a promising and rewarding career.

We will work with a select number of school students to:

  • Develop their key skills such as communication and research skills
  • Increase their self-esteem and confidence
  • Improve their general well-being
  • Explore different career paths and industries
  • Equip them with the resources they need to find and apply for positions
  • Introduce them to key personnel from local organisations, creating valuable future contacts
  • Experience different working environments

Students will complete a Careers and Experiencing Work, ASDAN award whilst taking part on the programme.

The Safeline Sports and Fitness Course

A 4-day programme dedicated to improving sports and fitness skills whilst ensuring that young people stay safe.

Working with our partners Boxing Clever, Coolsportz and other local providers students will develop their skills in boxing, tennis, football and athletics.

The high level instruction is delivered by Lianne Candappa, a leading female tennis coach, who played for England and trained alongside Andy and Jamie Murray and Lee Spare, a former armed services boxing champion, and current Senior ABA England Coach.

The course includes competitions and an introduction to clubs in the area so that students are able to continue their involvement at the completion of the project.

Students will receive an ASDAN accredited award.

Safeline Hair and Beauty Employability Course

Safeline are running a 5 day employability programme during October 2019.

The aim of the programme is to offer young people aged 15-18 who have suffered abuse or at-risk who may need a little extra support in relation to employment and next steps. We’ll explore themes such as becoming more self-aware, what does it mean to be employable and what skills, qualities and attributes you need or need to develop further, action planning and providing opportunities to meet employers and network. We have seen this project be successful as some young people have gained employment from employers who came to provide insight in their industries.

Independent Sexual Violence Advisors

At Safeline we have specialist people who can help and advise you on what to do – Independent Sexual Violence Advisors. Their job is to support anyone that is either thinking of talking to the police or has already done so.  They will be with you every step of the way; when you are reporting and if you are asked to make a video statement.

The important thing to know is that they are SEPARATE from the police and anyone else – they work with and for you alone.  They will not judge you or make you do anything that you do not want to do (within the boundaries of safeguarding and the law) and they will be there to give you the emotional and practical guidance and support that you will need during this time.