SLYP gives young people a platform to support each other by sharing their experiences and ideas through blogs. Young people helping each other promotes a sense of community and support at SLYP.

Young people using SLYP can get advice and support through our Hints & Tips, Helpline and Online Support team as well as find out about projects and courses. For young people living in Coventry and Warwickshire we also offer face to face counselling with qualified counsellors and if you are over 18 and live in the UK you can access telephone and online counselling from anywhere in the UK.

Below is some of the feedback we have had from inspiring young people who have taken part in our projects.


  • “It has helped me learn new skills because I didn’t know how to help young people in danger and now I do. I would go to courses like this again because I really enjoyed the activities and it helped my confidence and self-esteem. I have made many new friends that I like to hang out with.”
  • “The project was good and went well. The adults running it were nice and supportive. The young people were nice too. My confidence improved. The thing I’m proud of is how my confidence got better.”
  • “All the people that work at Safeline are so lovely and kind and if you have a problem then they will be as helpful as they can. I also think that they are really easy to talk to about anything. I enjoyed this whole experience. It has improved my confidence and I have been able to make new friends with different types of people. Doing this project has also made me realise that I do enjoy acting quite a lot and hopefully I will be able to carry on doing acting in other places. I would never have been able to know how much I could enjoy acting if it wasn’t for Safeline and this project.”
  • "The Safeline people were really nice and funny and because of them I was able to make friends. My favourite was Jess and Ash because they made everyone smile. The project was really good and happy. Everyone knew where they had to be and everyone felt happy. After this project, if someone was in trouble, I'd know what to do. I'm proud of making friends."
  • "The holiday project was a really positive experience for me. I’ve definitely made new friends who I’ll stay in touch with. The staff are really kind and friendly and they’re always up for talking if you need to, which is great. In terms of how it has changed/helped me personally, I have grown so much more confident. I can even finally talk to people and make eye contact! I know it seems really silly but my sleep is finally regular which has helped a lot with what I’m able to do. The bit I’m most proud of would probably be being able to make and hold eye contact and also that I made an input on the music."
  • "You guys are really nice- I thought it would just be you telling us don’t do this, don’t do that, but it’s not like that, you listen and let us share our ideas."
  • "Safeline taught us what to do and where to go for help. The people are really kind and friendly. The project was great, it helps you branch out to new types of people."
  • "I felt like I could talk to them about my problems and I could trust them. I’d recommend the project because they are helpful and AMAZING!"
  • "I have really enjoyed the drama project it brought out a lot of confidence which I never had before. The course taught me how to keep safe and deal with obstacles in the outside world. I have learned a lot and achieved a lot the staff are so helpful."
  • "My experience with Safeline was absolutely amazing as I got to meet some of the best people that you could ever meet in life. Safeline more than any other group helped me to build up my self-esteem as I used to think so low of myself. Now I am happy with the way I am and I believe Safeline played a big role in it. If I could do the Safeline project again I would straight away as it was a really beneficial experience and I would certainly suggest that others I know take part."
  • "Safeline are very supportive towards young people. They are there for you during tough times and don’t pressurise you to do anything unless you want to. I found that instead of trying to be your superior the adults listen to you and really try to help. I felt that I was talking to an equal or a friend which was relaxing and helped me discuss issues and get advice. Safeline are a unique charity because as well as one to one help they offer so many different group activities."
  • "I feel that Safeline is a great place to be yourself and grow your confidence. I have been able to escape my problems and learn new skills. The courses help to protect you whilst developing your potential. The courses really do help you to discuss things in a safe place. I would recommend them to anyone."
  • "Safeline helps you to make new friends which is so important when you are struggling in life. The courses build your social skills. I changed my counselling dates with another organisation to go to Safeline courses. They slowly bring out the best in you. I had suffered sexual abuse as a child and at first I was really reluctant to go but they certainly changed the way I think. They don’t just help young people they support family and friends too and it was brilliant to perform in front of them."
  • "I think the project was amazing and I would attend another in the future I am very proud of achievements. I have been dealing with racial abuse for the past 8 years and this project really does help you and take your mind off things. I was able to use my physical sporting abilities in a controlled way and help others. I am very proud of what I achieved and my ASDAN award."
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the project and it taught me a lot about myself and other people. The staff were very friendly they eased you into everything and were very stable. I feel that it was a very worthwhile experience due to the fact that it raises awareness of abuse and helps to prevent incidents from happening. I would recommend it to other young people. It was a completely worthwhile experience I cannot praise it enough I loved it and it helped me. I would like to support Safeline in the future."
  • "Safeline taught me that you don’t have to put up with bullies. I suffered a lot of cyber and verbal bullying both in and out of school which made me feel really bad. On one occasion I harmed myself and just couldn’t cope. Safeline made me feel safe. There were lots of activities to take your mind off things and the discussion on cyber- bullying made me realise that I didn’t have to put up with these bullies anymore. Safeline helped me create safe profiles online and I was able to stop all of the abuse. I felt that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders it was an amazing feeling. My daily life is now so much better. I would definitely recommend going to safeline because it makes you feel accepted and allows you to express your emotions."