Go To Friend Set to Reach Christmas Number 1!

OK so not quite…but imagine if it could!

We worked hard to produce this pretty awesome song written and composed by some of the young talented folk from our Young People’s Projects and the help of some professionals. We’re even making our mark on YouTube with our very own music video featuring The Star Project, produced by Carefully Crafted Media.

This is all well and good but now we need to stick the song in front of as many people’s face as possible! And that’s where we need YOUR help! Please share the song, the video, the links to purchase to as many people as you can. You can do this via YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, email or just shout it at people, “OH MY GOSH HAVE YOU HEARD THIS AWESOME SONG?!” – something to that effect.

All the money from the song will go towards our charity Safeline so it’s well worth the less than £1 you’ll spend on purchasing it!

To buy the song……..

If you have an iTunes account – Follow this link

If you have a Google Play Music account – Follow this link

If you have a Spotify account – Follow this link

To purchase through AmazonFollow this link

To purchase through CD BabyFollow this link

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