For everyone that has ever been tricked.

hiya. i don’t really know why I’m writing this blog post. well i do, i was… i thought i was in love with someone i hadn’t even met.

i wanted it to be real so bad. Just a heads up, all the books about falling in love, the ones where the main character has caught the attention of the dazzling hero and despite the complications that stop them the love is so strong they end up together… yeah? well hate to break it to you but they are all a lie. I thought i had caught the attention of my dazzling prince (bare in mind he is three years older) I was truly flattered by his smooth words and charm, by his gorgeous smile and contagious laugh, his adorable humour and personality..( imagine a sigh here) from what I’ve been told all this was a lie, i believed he loved me and i loved him.. if you haven’t caught on already it wasn’t true.

Its sorted now but i can’t deny that i miss him because quite frankly i do. i can’t do anything now and i don’t wish to contact him again because i see now that it was wrong but i want to give support (or at least advice).

fellow humans if any of you are going through the same thing, here’s some pointers:

  1. Its NEVER too late to turn back.
  2. Its not going to be easy to leave but hey if you aren’t dying is it really the end of the world?
  3. what you think is your dazzling prince/princess, hunny if the relationship is wrong, they are nothing but a dirty toad.
  4. you will lose things.. a lot of things but i can promise you it will get better, slowly it will.

that’s it for now

until next time — Lostgirl2.0

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