Child Exploitation

Child exploitation is very serious but not always obvious when it’s happening.

These type of people do everything to get you to trust them: they buy you gifts and give you love and get to know you really well and know everything about you. They also know what to do to upset you  and everything that will get you to trust them and to do what they want you to do they are threatening and horrible things and there is not only one case of this in the country there are hundreds and hundreds of cases all over the world it is not something people can move on from and be OK it has long term effects.

An example of a recent case is a young girl was approached in a shopping centre and forced to have sexual activity with a guy and his friends – a gang of older men.

There are not always just bad relationships there are good relationships that can involve sex but as long as consent is given CONSENT consent is key to a good relationship you must have  someone’s permission you must always have  permission for any sexual activity if you haven’t that can be classed as rape or sexual abuse.

Always watch out for anything that you think is not right not only with you but with your friends as well.

Hope this has informed you a bit more on child exploitation.


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