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  • Making friends ūü϶ūüĎßūüĎ®ūüĎ©

    30th May 2017 by Animallover

    Making friends can be tough loads of diffrent things can be going through youre mind will they like the way i dress sound and look . But that isnt what making friends is about making friends is about liking each others personalities and feeling safe and comfortable in what you and they are doing ,…

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  • Starting secondary !!!

    9th September 2016 by Animallover

    Starting secondary ¬†can be hard not knowing many people can be scary, but it’s a new chapter in your life and it still needs to be wrote. ¬†make New friends and just make the best of this experience. If you get lost don’t worry the people there will help you, plus you haven’t really started…

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