A list of brilliant albums, that you probably haven’t listened to!

Transformer – Lou Reed

His ‘N’ Hers – Pulp

Sandinista! – The Clash

Apollo – Brian Eno

The Works – Queen

I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning – Bright

Station To Station – David Bowie

Surfer Rosa – The Pixies

Blur – Blur

Kerplunk – Green Day

Electric Ladyland – Jimi Hendrix

These albums are great for when working, taking walks, falling asleep or you just want to experience a special feeling that you probably haven’t felt from any other album you’ve listened to.

  • You've Inspired Me
    You've Inspired Me
  • This Really Helped Me
    This Really Helped Me
  • I'd Like to Hear More
    I'd Like to Hear More
  • We're On The Same Page
    We're On The Same Page
  • Hang In There
    Hang In There
  • Great Post!
    Great Post!
  • I Feel Motivated
    I Feel Motivated
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