Who are SLYP?

SLYP is a place where you can learn new skills, increase self-esteem and develop resilience.

Be empowered with the knowledge of how to stay safe and find the confidence to deal with difficult situations that affect young people.

SLYP is a safe place for you to share your experiences, get advice and support and find out about awesome events happening near you.


The Safeline Prevention Team

Colin Walker (Manager of Education and Prevention Services), Ramandeep Deol (Early Intervention Manager) Emma Dolman (Early Intervention Co-ordinator) Shanta Sweeney (Specialist One to One Mentor) are all highly experienced in supporting young people who have suffered abuse. They ensure that Young People at Safeline are protected from harm and given the opportunity to develop in a positive way, this is either through one to one work or our Early Intervention Projects.


Rebecca Ward- Drama Director

Rebecca Ward –  Rebecca is our very talented Drama director and does some fabulous work with young people. Rebecca creates scripts which the young people practice over the duration of the course and then do a final performance to an audience.

Lianne Candappa - Tennis Instuctor

Lianne runs Coolsportz with her brother, delivering sports activities across South Warwickshire.

Lianne is a level 4 tennis coach who has been coaching for the past 10 years. She represented Warwickshire, England and Great Britain as a junior, reaching number 1 under 16 in England and trained with Andy and Jamie Murray.

Lianne encourages Safeline students to develop their self-esteem and confidence by participating in tennis.

Sara Chowrimootoo - Embody Dance

Sara is a dance teacher at Embody Dance.

Sara has been with Embody Dance since 2013. She has a versatile dance background with training in various styles including; ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, musical theatre and contemporary. Since graduating in 2013 with a BA in Dance, Sara has taken part in numerous dance performances ranging from dance school productions, university performances and large scale productions.

Gladstone Wilson - Pianist/Composer

Gladstone is an accomplished pianist/keyboard player who graduated from Birmingham Conservatoire 1983 receiving a distinction in Piano and Composition. Over the last 20 years he has been involved in a wide range of music activities including being a session musician, producer, piano and vocal coach/tutor. Gladstone has worked in theatre productions and supported many well known artists including well-known singer/songwriter Tracy Chapman.