• Take The Leap – The Big Jump!

    17th March 2017 by Safeline

    Warwick Youth Parliament skydive for Safeline! On 1st of April, three brave young people will be hurling themselves out of a plane all in aid of Safeline. You may have heard, or read about, us banging on about some skydive over the past few months. Well, we’re done asking you for money and the young…

  • Change one thing

    3rd January 2017 by Safeline

    What one thing do you want to change in 2017?? It can be anything from something personal like trying a new sport or getting a new hobby or something bigger – maybe you want to change something about politics, society, your town or school. Tell us what would make 2017 the best year yet by…

  • Dealing with your family around Christmas

    15th December 2016 by Safeline

    Every year it’s the same story. You get really excited about Christmas. What’s not to like? The best excuse to eat literally anything and everything you want, presents (some of them being far less exciting than others), cheesy Christmas music, great TV…the list goes on. But along with all the fun and excitement, there’s also…

  • Abuse or banter? – Sexual harassment and abuse at school

    6th December 2016 by Safeline

    6 out of 10 girls in the UK have been sexually abused at school according to a recent government report. The worst part about this is that most girls don’t realise that what they have experienced counts as abuse and will often shrug it off, putting it down to “banter” or “lad culture”. Here’s why…

  • Go To Friend Set to Reach Christmas Number 1!

    6th December 2016 by Safeline

    OK so not quite…but imagine if it could! We worked hard to produce this pretty awesome song written and composed by some of the young talented folk from our Young People’s Projects and the help of some professionals. We’re even making our mark on YouTube with our very own music video featuring The Star Project,…

  • SLYP Karaoke Evening Saturday 26th November

    23rd November 2016 by Safeline

    SLYP’s all singing (literally) all dancing (most likely) karaoke evening this Saturday 27th November There’s only one place you should be this Saturday night and that’s at our Karaoke evening at The Fusiliers, Sydenham. Entry is free so there’s no excuses. You can sing, dance and take part in the raffle with amazing prizes including…

  • Your chance to design the artwork for Safeline’s “Go To Friend” single

    16th November 2016 by Safeline

    We have an exciting opportunity for any of your artistic types out there to design the artwork for Safeline Young People’s debut single “Go To Friend”. Safeline Young People, in collaboration with Paul Edwards and Sarah Ribbands, have written and recorded a song that will be available for download on December 1st 2016. All proceeds…

  • What makes a healthy relationship?

    10th November 2016 by Safeline

    Everyone is different which means our relationships are different but some relationships are different for the wrong reasons. So how can we tell if a relationship is unhealthy and what makes a relationship healthy? Tell us what you think in the comments…

  • Safeline talks to Warwickshire Youth Parliament

    7th September 2016 by Safeline

    Safeline went to Shire Hall in Warwick last night to talk about the new SLYP website. The response was great with 4 members offering to distribute leaflets and assist with projects in the future. If you want to help with marketing the site please contact Colin or Annie at Safeline.

  • Peer Mentoring at Safeline

    1st September 2016 by Safeline

    Safeline finished another Peer Mentoring course today and it has been brilliant to see so many young people wanting to help and support others. If you are interested in Peer Mentoring with Safeline contact us to book a place on the next course.