My experience working on a Safeline project

My school chose me to go onto the Safeline project. At the project we spoke about a lot of things like: drugs and alcohol, healthy relationships, bullying and online bullying, child sexual exploitation and gangs.

Every week we spoke about a different topic and this has helped me a lot because I have learned things I didn’t know about before. I think the experience at Safeline has helped me a lot and I have used some of the things they have taught me. For example they taught us how to do the recovery position and me and my friend actually used it and helped someone who had passed out.

I enjoyed going to the Safeline project so me and my friend decided to go the the short course about peer mentoring which was in the Christmas holidays. The short course has helped me a lot because in the future I would want to be a counselor so the course has taught me a lot of things that would be helpful for my future career. I learned how to peer mentor someone and all the skills I would need so hopefully I could use those skills and try peer mentoring some people which might need help.

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