Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol and Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure BBCIt doesn’t seem to matter what changes are made to the laws around drugs and alcohol, they will always be accessible somehow. As young people begin to go to parties, hang out away from the watchful eye of responsible adults and meet new people the possibility of you coming across alcohol and drugs increases. It’s likely then that your friends will become curious and consider experimenting. So, what can you do when this is all happening in front of you and you’re not sure what to do?

In a previous hints and tips article we highlighted just some of the dangers associate with drug and alcohol abuse. These are very serious. Not just in terms of the law and potential incrimination but also your health, wellbeing and your life.

Believe it or not, you DO have a choice in the matter and regardless of what your concerns are, your friends (your real friends) will respect you making that choice even if it differs from theirs.

You Have a Choice

Our philosophy at SLYP is not to lecture young people. We don’t like the idea of telling you what to do. Instead we want to give you all the facts, all the possibilities, the knowledge and the skills to be able to make the right decision for yourself.

Just because your friends, your family or the people around you are doing something, it does not mean you are doomed to that same lifestyle, those same habits. If we all did the same things, we’d be clones of each other and that would make the world an extremely boring place. You are your own person, and an awesome person at that. You have the ability and the power to make your own decisions and choices and by having the confidence and willpower to do that will make you a stronger and more respected person; a leader.

Saying No

You might think, it’s easy to say that but some situations make saying “no” difficult. However, these are the things you need to remember in no particular order but preferably all at once.

Point 1 - Your friends will support you no matter what

Your real friends will not pressure you. They won’t make fun of you or desert you for saying no. If your so-called friends do this. They’re rubbish friends and you should find some new friends.

Point 2 - Go with your gut

If your gut is telling you you shouldn’t or that there is a risk and you’re uncomfortable, don’t do it. Our bodies are super awesome and come in handy in situations like this.

Point 3 - The risks out-way the best-case scenarios every time

The risks with drinking too much and taking drugs are too great to take the gamble. There is a very thin line with alcohol especially on smaller bodies and with drugs, well you never know what you’re going to get. So really, is it worth it? Probably not.I choose life ice age

Point 4 – It only takes a few seconds

The time it takes for you to say no is only really a few seconds. That whole negotiation period is a really short snippet of your day and night and although it might be awkward or unpleasant, once that’s done, everyone tends to just move on and get on with their lives. It’s not a big deal really.

Point 4 - Respect

People that stick to their guns and go against the grain generally tend to get the most respect. So, for your will-power and indifference you’ll most likely gain respect from your peers.

And if You’re Worried

If you’re worried about you or a friend you can talk to these super helpful and friendly organisations below and of course, you can always talk to Safeline via phone, text, email or instant message.


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